Hourly Cleaning

January 29, 2020 by Rocketmaidsadmin2016

Hourly cleanings are for clients who have special cleaning requests or have homes over 5000 sq. ft.

You can give us your customized cleaning list at checkout under the “Anything else your cleaner should know?” or we will use the “What We Clean” list to the right.

Hourly cleanings are charged at $43 an hour on a per-employee basis. The prices below are estimates only and vary greatly from home to home based on conditions. Teams are typically 2 employees  (team of 2 = $43 1/2 hour, team of 2 = $86 for 1 hour)

Master bathroom:  about 40 to 60 minutes 1 employee

Master Bedroom: about 40 minutes 1 employee

Kitchen: about 40-60 minutes 1 employee

Standard Bathroom 30-40 minutes 1 employee